Cy9ni Fashion: The Future of Style

Welcome to Cy9ni Fashion – a trailblazing, community-driven fashion brand that sets the stage for the next generation of style. Our unique Cyberpunk aesthetic merges cutting-edge design with functionality, creating an unforgettable fashion experience for trendsetters and tastemakers alike.

Community-Driven Design

Discover how our Fashion DAO empowers our community to shape the future of fashion through design competitions, collaborative projects, and more. With Cy9ni Fashion, your creative vision takes center stage.

Augmented Reality Experience

Explore the limitless possibilities of our augmented reality fashion offerings. Personalize your style with our AR technology, and express yourself in both virtual and real worlds. Cy9ni Fashion is where the future of fashion begins.

Exclusive Collections

Stay ahead of the curve with our limited edition Cy9ni clothing lines, designed with our distinct futuristic Cyberpunk aesthetic. Elevate your wardrobe with exclusive pieces that reflect your individuality and make a statement.

NFTs and Token Rewards

Elevate your fashion experience with NFTs paired with each clothing item and earn a portion of our Cy9ni token with every purchase. Embrace the future of fashion while enjoying the benefits of digital ownership and passive income.

What is our goal?

Our primary objective is to establish a versatile platform that fuses the power of blockchain with the gaming, fashion, and streaming industries, ultimately yielding significant returns for our investors. By introducing a high-volume betting system, we enable token holders to actively engage in betting activities. The profits generated through our stylish clothing line and engaging streaming service will be directed towards buybacks, bolstering the token's worth, and bringing in supplementary earnings for our token holders. At the core of our mission lies a commitment to maintain transparency and consistently share profits with our valued community of investors.

Community & Growth

Foster a vibrant and competitive atmosphere by organizing team-based challenges and contests. Persistently develop and enhance the platform with new features and functionalities to sustain user engagement.

Earn with your skills

Empower participants to place wagers on their own performance or that of others, showcasing their design, gaming, music skills, and more in various engaging activities.

High yield for all Holders

Take a big portion of our ecosystem's profits just by HODL, Burns & Deflation.

Interactive Platform

Deliver an enjoyable and immersive platform that caters to the entire community, offering a diverse range of activities and experiences.

Pioneering Fashion DAO

Unveil a trailblazing, next-generation fashion platform inspired by cyberpunk aesthetics. As a community-driven fashion DAO, it highlights inventive and stylish designs that cater to the diverse preferences of our community members.

Revolutionary Streaming Experience

Our platform offers a dynamic and engaging environment that integrates gaming and fashion, alongside an interactive community-driven experience. With a diverse range of content and innovative features, Cy9ni Streaming stands out as a game-changer in the world of entertainment.

Our Approach


The Vision

Creating a Revolutionary Ecosystem for Passive Income


The Offerings

Combining Gaming, Fashion, and Streaming Services for Profitable Yield


The Token

Maximizing Profit for Holders through Reflections and Buy-Backs


The Secret Game

Groundbreaking innovation in the Gaming Industry


The Future

Opportunities for community and Holders in the Cygni Ecosystem

How will you benefit?

By investing in Cy9ni, you stand to reap substantial rewards from its groundbreaking ecosystem. As a Cy9ni token holder, you'll enjoy passive income generated through reflections, buy-backs & Bruns, which makes Cy9ni Deflationary. along with prospective earnings from our Fashion DAO and streaming revenue sharing. Moreover, the betting system stimulates high token volume, creating even more avenues for financial gain.

Earn rewards
Fair competitions
Unique community
Trustworthy platform
Advanced features


  • Presale & Liquidity (40%): Facilitating participation of early investors in Cy9ni.

  • Servers & Game/App Development (24%): Allocating funds for our technological expansion and innovation.

  • Jackpot Treasury (25%): A reserve for rewarding engagement, funding jackpots, competitions and fostering growth within the Cy9ni community.

  • Developers (2.4%): The developers of the project will receive a 2.4% share as per the agreement.

  • Team Tokens (8%): Acknowledging and rewarding the dedicated Cy9ni team's relentless efforts. (Vested over 33 years)

  • Concept Creator (0.6%): The agreed upon compensation for the concept creator of the project is 0.6%.

  • Reflections to Holders: Cy9ni applies a 4% tax on each transaction to distribute rewards directly to token holders, fostering a culture of holding.

  • Advancements and Outreach: A 0.5% tax is dedicated to continuous advancements in technology and expanding our reach via robust marketing strategies.

  • Rewards Treasury: A further 0.5% tax is channeled to the rewards treasury, powering exciting community events, competitions, and enabling users to earn while they enjoy the Cy9ni experience.

Cy9ni Tokenomics: Reflections, Development, and Rewards

Cy9ni Token Allocation: Presale, Airdrops, and Team

Cy9ni Space-Time Station

Welcome to CY9NI's Space-Time Station

your ultimate gateway to the confluence of innovation, community, and entertainment. Dive deep into a universe where the future of DeFi meets the charm of live engagement, and every moment is a voyage of discovery and connection. Step aboard and embark on a journey beyond the ordinary with us.


Q1: What is Cygni?

A1: Cygni is a next-generation hybrid creative entertainment ecosystem that combines game-fi, fashion, and live streaming under one innovative platform. It transcends the boundaries between various creative sectors and operates on a 100% revenue-sharing business model. Cygni offers a unique blend of gaming, streaming, and a community-driven fashion brand, creating an immersive experience for users.

Q2: What are the key features of Cygni's gaming platform?

A2: Cygni's gaming platform is divided into two categories. The first category includes esports competitive multiplayer and a betting system, allowing players to engage in exciting, high-stakes competitions. The second category is a revolutionary project that offers a completely new and immersive gaming experience. This unique project, which is currently confidential, will redefine the gaming landscape.

Q3: Can you tell us more about the Fashion DAO?

A3: The Fashion DAO serves as our first primary utility, aiming to establish the first-ever community-driven fashion brand characterized by a futuristic cyberpunk aesthetic. Our community will design the initial pieces in our Cygni clothing line through a special design competition event, incentivized with a substantial prize pool. This approach demonstrates our commitment to being a community-driven fashion brand and involving our community in shaping our brand and its direction.

Q4: What sets your live streaming platform apart from others?

A4: Our live streaming platform comprises two branches: a 24/7 YouTube Live and a proprietary app. Key features include seamless integration with our gaming and fashion platforms, diverse content across various genres, and interactive community-driven elements. What makes our platform unique is our dedication to innovation, quality, and community engagement, ensuring an exceptional user experience. The proprietary app also incorporates a betting system and multiple earning opportunities for both streamers and viewers.

Q5: How does the Cygni ecosystem benefit token holders?

A5: Token holders benefit from the innovative ecosystem through passive income generated by reflections and buy-backs, as well as potential profits from fashion and streaming revenue sharing. Additionally, the betting system contributes to high token volume, providing more opportunities for profit.

Q6: Why did you choose to launch on Arbitrum One network?

A6: We chose to launch on Arbitrum one Network due to its efficient and scalable infrastructure, low transaction fees, and fast processing speeds. This choice allows us to offer an exceptional user experience for our community and token holders.

Q7: How can people purchase Cygni tokens?

A7: Cygni tokens can be purchased on popular decentralized exchanges (DEX) like SUSHI Swap. For a step-by-step guide on how to buy Cygni tokens, please refer to the "How to Buy" section on our website.